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“Dr. Howard Elson…
A Dentist’s Life!”

Since 1987, Dr. Elson’s had a recurring starring role in his own one-man production: “The Dental Show” — his original musical comedy performance geared to the dental profession that leaves his dental audiences laughing and cheering for more.

Dr. Elson's highly entertaining show is now available on a full-length compact disc entitled "A Dentist's Life".

"Dr. Howard Elson, A Dentist's Life" will make everyone in the dental profession laugh out loud with its hilarious, and musically truthful look at the dental profession. And it makes a great gift for all the dentists in your life.

A Dentist's Life

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"Dr. Howard Elson, A Dentist's Life" includes the following tracks: Buy Now
  • A Dentist’s Life
  • Dr. Roger’s Neighborhood
  • T M J
  • Perfect Receptionist (part 1)
  • Trouble
  • Yellow Page
  • Perfect Receptionist (part 2)
  • Dentures by Christmas Eve
  • Dear Kindly Dr. Krellman
  • Perfect Receptionist (part 3) and Dental Practice Blues
  • Modern Dental Practice Man
  • All I Care About Is Teeth
  • Dental School/Dental Practice

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